Tuesday, 16 November 2021

HR Interview Questions - PART 3

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 

Answer 1

In five years, my goal is to successfully obtain two certificates that are related to my position. I took some time to review your website before this interview, and I noticed that you offer your employees education advancement opportunities that include pursuing certifications to further their careers. Using the resources your company provides its employees, I truly believe that I can pursue my career goals and eventually move into a management position within your organization over the next few years.’

Answer 2

My ultimate goal for the next five years is to master my position and advance into a managerial role within my department. I was drawn to the personalized training approach your company outlines on its website, and I truly believe this approach to training will allow me to learn new skills and grow within this position. Over the next five years, I see myself taking on new and exciting projects within your company that will prepare me for a management role with the organization.’

Answer 3

A few of the goals I’ve set for myself over the next few years include leading a writing team and gaining new project management skills within my position. I’m excited about the opportunities this job would provide me, as I believe they will support my long-term career goals and allow me to grow within your company and give back by utilizing the skills I’ll gain.
Why should we hire you?
Answer 1
“Sir/Ma’am, I have all the requisite qualifications and skills. I can do the work that the profile requires me to do.
Besides, I have the capacity to deliver exceptional results. I can blend into mixed cultures and will fit in beautifully, which will make me a great addition to the team.
For a fresher, I have the right amount of exposure into this industry, as I have completed my internship with XYZ company only recently.
Hiring me will be a great value-add to your workforce as the organization will keep on gaining, with me around.”

Answer 2

“Sir/mam, I have great communication skills, desired experience and the requisite skill set for this job role.
If I get a chance to showcase my abilities, I will leave no stone unturned with my commitment to hard work and dedication.”

Answer 3
“Sir/Ma’am, I am confident about the fact that my strong technical experience and outstanding knowledge of SKILL1, SKILL2, and SKILL3 (You can add your Various Skills) make me a strong contender for this position.
I have been in this field for 2 years. I have got several to pick up skills, for example in my previous organization, I have completed an internal certification Program.
I have successfully executed projects right from inception to delivery.
I must add that today I am sitting here because I strongly believe this is the right place to extend my skills.
This might be excellent for my future and for the growth of this esteemed organization as well.”

What are your salary expectations?

Answer 1

“My salary expectations are in line with the current industry standards, according to my experience and qualifications.”

Answer 2

“Thank you, Ma’am/Sir, once my responsibilities are clear I can state an exact figure.

Right now, I would like to know what my potential Manager expects from this job position, in your organization.

After this discussion, maybe we can both meet a conclusion about my future remuneration.”

Answer 3

“Sir/Ma’am, I am sure your company is already paying a specific package to someone in a similar position.

Hence, I would like to know your budget, if you do not mind. Accordingly, I can put forth my expectations.”

Do you have a good work ethic?

Answer 1 (For Freshers)

I am quite disciplined as a person, and I believe in doing my work in a planned and organized manner.
A well thought out plan and discipline in execution is the foundation of high-quality work.

Answer 2 (For Experienced candidates)

In my 5 years of professional experience, I have rarely missed a deadline.

Barring extraordinary circumstances, I am usually able to stick to my writing schedule without compromising on quality.

Besides that, I get long well with people which helps in maintaining a good work environment.


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