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Why should we hire you?

This is every other one of the many HR interview questions for freshers that maximum People fumble at. However, it's miles extraordinarily smooth to recognize the solution to such kind of HR interview questions for freshers. They essentially goal at expertise how you will fit into the business enterprise, so talking about the ethos of the business enterprise and its values is a great start.

Apart from this, many freshers suppose that due to the fact they haven't any  experience, no business enterprise might be Interested to Hire them. However, being brisker is truely a electricity you have. You are like a clean canvas prepared to begin your masterpiece. So promote your self like that.

Answer 1 

Being a fresher, I think I am very flexible and adaptive to learning new things. I am sure I will be able to contribute something capable for the growth of the company. My last Training in this field has taught me how to be a team player, and work in unison.

“As I have just started with my career in data science, I don’t have many practical achievements to talk about. This gives me the liberty to explore my potential by giving my best to this organization. It will be an honour to work here and identify and develop my strengths. In college as well, I was very dedicated towards my academics and data science projects and always completed them well in time. I also got appreciated for it. Hence I think I am best fit for this role of a data scientist as I have ample knowledge in theory and I am willing to learn.”

Answer 2

“I believe I am skilled at communication skills. I was an excellent orator in college and made a lot of good friends. Although I don’t have work experience and much work knowledge, I think by putting significant efforts, I shall surely learn. I am very hard-working and I am a quick learner, hence can easily mould myself in the desired shape. I can also understand and implement processes as a digital marketing executive, easily as I have a good grasping quality.”

Answer 3

“I am a fast learner, have got good grasping skills, and I am really motivated. I am hard-working and punctual and will not at all take time to learn something new and implement it. I am also trained to meet deadlines due to my past internship. Since school, I have always scored the highest in computers, and hence the interest in computer science. I can assure you that I will be an asset to this company if I am chosen to contribute.”

Answer 4

As a fresher I don’t’ have any experience but at the same time I’m a quick learner, punctual and self-motivated and a  smart worker and I feel the theoretical knowledge I have gained till today  needs really  a platform to utilize these things for a growing organization like yours.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This is one of the types of HR interview questions for freshers that is bound to come in every company you face an interview with. One of the most liked questions by interviewers, this allows them to understand how you rate yourself. More importantly, here they judge if you are aware of the things you are good at, and if there is anything you know you can improve about yourself.

However, a smart thing that many interviewees do,  in order to appear more appealing, they try to showcase their weaknesses as sort of positives. Let’s take a look.

Answer 1

My strongest asset is my work ethic and my willingness to step in when needed. I’m not afraid to take on a difficult client or do a project that nobody else wants because those are the clients and projects that teach me the most. I typically love to work outside of my job description and do whatever is asked of me. I'm not above any single task, and I take great pride in my ability to step in and adapt to any situation to get the best results for the company.

 I tend to want to take on complete projects all on my own without any outside help. In the past, this caused me to experience unnecessary pressure and stress. One specific example was last year when I was responsible for planning our annual event. I tried to do everything on my own, from the most substantial decisions like the venue to the tiniest things like organizing the table settings. I was so stressed leading up to the event, and I narrowly pulled it off. This taught me to take a step back and analyze when I need help. After that experience, I am trying to teach myself how to ask for help so I can keep my sanity. I've also found a team of people can produce a better outcome than one harrowed person. 

Answer 2

I consider my strengths to be:

  1. I am a good communicator which has helped me take on leadership roles in my college.
  2. I am a keen observer acutely aware of people’s problems and their strengths.
  3. I flourish when I work with a team that is given a particular task to be done within a specified time period.
  4. I am a quick learner and go out of my way to ask questions to better my understanding.
  5. I try to always be a positive influence on people and spread joy around me.

For my weaknesses,

  1. I am a perfectionist and am obsessed with attention to detail. 
  2. In order to exceed fast, I end up taking more responsibilities than I can handle.
  3. I thrive on feedback on my performance. If I don’t receive them, I sometimes miss my mark and get drifted in the way I’ve been working.

Answer 3

"My strength is my flexibility to handle change. As customer service manager at my last job, I was able to turn around a negative working environment and develop a very supportive team. As far as weaknesses, I feel that my management skills could be stronger, and I am constantly working to improve them."

When confronted with this interview question, remember the interviewer is looking for a fit. She/He is forming a picture of you based on your answers. A single answer will probably not keep you from getting the job. Put your energy into your strengths statement—what you have to offer. Then let the interviewer know that although you may not be perfect, you are working on any shortcomings you have.

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