Sunday, 4 July 2021


Hi All,

Want to Speak English Fluently?

Do you Hesitate before Speaking?

Let us Remove all the difficulties by knowing few tips. 

1. Reading-

First of all, If you really want to Improve English you need to read as much as possible. Reading helps you to understand new Vocabulary. It can also Purify your style of Speaking English. Once you Make it a Habit of Reading, you will increase your power of understanding. 

You can Read Books, Novels, Newspapers etc , whatever you feel comfortable with. 

Reading should be at least for 20 Minutes Daily. Once you start It you will regret leaving it for a day.

2. Speaking-

Only Reading will Not Help if you will not Utilize it in Speaking. Do not Hesitate to speak English, as much as you will speak the more confident you will be.

Whatever you read start speaking it, only this will help you to learn more.

Don't Think too much before Speaking, No one is perfect. Find someone with whom you can speak & try to include all the new vocabs you read.

3. Listening & Watching-

Listening is an Art, if you really know what to listen & how to Apply that in real life. Listening helps to Improve English as well as Pronunciation. 

From very Childhood, We started learning from Listening only. Before going to any school we started speaking native Languages just by Listening. English can also be learnt the same way. By Listening again & again, you will start Understanding the words or Phrases.

You can Listen & watch English Songs, Movies or any Audio or Video in English with Subtitles or Lyrics for songs.  

4. Record Yourself-

Try Recording what you speak with your Phone to Improve Pronunciation. 

First Record what you spoke then watch that video, find mistakes & Try to Improve it Next time.  Also it will improve your Confidence & Face Expressions. 

Start with speaking in front of mirror. Later you can record your Videos to watch your Face expressions while speaking English.

5. Write Everyday-

Writing is also an art. It enhances Learning power & also helps to improve Grammar. Make it a Habit of writing. You can write Daily Routine, Your Daily Learnings, etc or you can write E-Mails to your Friends to practice. It helps to recognize Punctuations too.

6. Learn From Mistakes-

Mistaken are meant to happen, but we need to learn from them. Its undoubtful that we will make mistakes while speaking English & when your Teacher or anyone correct you try to Learn from those & Correct it next Time.

7. Bring out best time to Learn-

Think whether you are Morning Learner or Late night Learner. Because you need to Learn English at that time. Learn New Words or Vocabs, Learn new Phrases. Whatever you learn at this time, you will be remembering it for a long time.

8. Don't Hesitate-

Don't Fear While Making mistakes. You can't get fluent in a Language without making Mistakes. Motivate Yourself & Stand for yourself. 

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