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Google form is a Simple way:

- To Collect Information

- Conduct Surveys

- Perform Assessments or Online Tests.

Google Form can be shared via E-mail or a Link through WhatsApp or any other social Media.

Its responses can also be seen through Google Spreadsheet Immediately with the option to save that sheet as Spreadsheet.


1. To Create a Google form you need to have a Gmail Account First.

2. Now Login to your Google Account & go to Google Derive as Shown in Image below:

3. Then click on new & then click on Google form.

4. Now Enter a Title to your Google form- Title should be according to your Google form Topic- Quiz, Survey, Assessment, Test etc.

5. Now You can divide your Form into sections- First Section can consist of Basic Information For Instance: Name, Mobile No, Location etc. And the Second Section can be your Survey, tests, Quiz etc.

6. Now If You want to Learn how to add Basic Information - First Add Name with Short type answer & click on + sign to add next option as shown in Image Below:

7. After adding all Basic Information you need before to start any quiz or survey your form will look like the Image below. Make sure after each Information you are asking, you need to click required so that no Information could be skipped.

8. Adding Second Section- Click on Button to Add new section

9. After Clicking on the button you can see two Sections:

10. Now if you want to add questions to your Quiz, You need to decide whether You want Multiple choice question, Paragraphs or other option.

11. Add Question, then your Choice, here I have used Multiple Choice as I need to give Points to Each Correct Question, then + sign to add more question:

12. After Selecting Multiple choice Option, you need to write various choices to select, you can give 3-4 choices with one correct & rest wrong answers. You can also add Images to your Question.

13. You can Add Image by clicking on Upload if the Image is already saved in your Computer or you can add by Google Search Image as shown in Image Below:

14. Now your Sample Question will look like the Image Given below:

15. Now its turn to add Which Answer is Correct to the choices given also to add point to each correct answer, you need to click on setting option given on right Corner of the sheet.

16. In General Setting, you need to click on options you want as permanent setting of this Google Form.

17. In Presentation Setting, I clicked on Shuffle question order so the copying test should not be done.

18. In quizzes setting, You need to click on Make this a quiz as it is necessary to give points, also Click on Point Values so that the person giving test or assessment can see his points after completion of test, rest settings is according to your need. Then click on Save.

19. After the settings are done, you will see answer key given after your each question, you need to click on that.

20. After Clicking on Answer Key, you need to click on Correct answer, then Point given on this correct, then click on done, then click on Required button so that the question should not be missed by anyone.

21. You need to do settings once in a google form but at every question you need to add answers to give a point.

22. After Completing the form, we need to share this form, so click on send button given on right corner of the page.

23. After Clicking on Send Button, a New Dialog box will appear, yo need to click on link button, then click on shorten the click then copy link, then you can share it via E-mail or via any social website i.e Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn etc.

24. You can also see the responses, also you can see this data in Google Spreadsheet or you can download it in excel format too.

25. You can see responses in Google spreadsheet with full Candidate detail & scoring Detail as well.

Thanks for Reading my Article, share if you like it, Comment if you want to ask anything.

Priyanka Dhiman

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